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About the K-12 Data Center

Located on the campus of Dakota State University, the K-12 Data Center helps educational entities to enhance their technology. The Center offers technology services to South Dakota's K-12 educational community including public schools, tech schools, cooperatives, multi-districts, etc. The Center provides consistent, cost-effective services including email and calendars, email list services, web hosting, course management, streaming media, a help desk for the schools, and more.

More detailed information of the services we provide are listed below.

Services and Objectives

All of the K-12 Data Center services for the State of South Dakota K-12 Schools including Educators, Staff, and Students have been built to provide a state-wide safe and reliable electronic communications system.


  • Email for Teachers, Administrators, and Staff
    • This service provides a state-wide groupware capable email system. This service provides email capabilities such as calendar (scheduling & time management), contacts, and task list applications. You can easily share your calendar, contacts, or anything in your email with your co-workers across the hall or across the state!
    • Your State K-12 Email account also lets you send and receive messages from any computer in the world that has Web access. That makes it easy to stay in touch with your email, regardless of your location.
  • Email for Students
    • This service is built on the same feature rich state-wide groupware-capable email system as the K-12 Educators use. These accounts will coexist with the Teachers, Administrators, and Staff Email system. This service provides email capabilities such as calendar (scheduling & time management), contacts, and task list applications.

Web Hosting

  • Web Hosting for K-12 Teachers, Administrators, and Staff
  • Web Hosting for K-12 Students
  • Web Hosting for Individual Schools
  • Web Hosting K-12 Educator Associations
    • The web hosting services provide a personal, reliable, secure web space for associations that have state-wide implications. This space provides a meaningful URL to state-wide projects, associations, and/or activities that impact multiple school districts.
  • Web Hosting of Department of Education Sites

DNS (Domain Naming Service)

As the domain authority for the domain it is the K-12 Data Center’s responsibility to ensure the naming of domains for our schools follow the guidelines and rules for proper registration. We are also responsible to ensure our servers data is continually updated with the Internet root domain name servers.

Mailing List Services

We provide mail list services for school districts, State of South Dakota K-12 groups, or organizations. The list needs to be educational related.

Course Management System

Blackboard Learn is a tool that facilitates the creation of World Wide Web-based educational environments. It provides an interface allowing the design of the presentation of the course (color schemes, layout, etc.) and it provides a set of educational tools to facilitate learning, communication and collaboration. Blackboard Learn allows teachers to enhance existing on-site, in class, or distance education courses by putting course content online including course syllabi, calendar, and communication tools.

Media Streaming Server

This service provides space for Educators and Students to place streaming media (Video or Audio) resources to support classroom instruction. This service provides both live streaming and on-demand video clips.

Internet User Authentication Services

We provide Internet User Authentication to the schools, which allows the schools to communicate securely with a central server to authenticate users and authorize (or deny) their access to the Internet. As we maintain user accounts in a central database that all schools can share, we can provide a single sign-on. This single sign-on gives us better security by allowing the school to point their Internet users at a single administered network point for authentication. Having this central service also means that it's easier for the schools to track usage for their users. As a part of this service the schools have the ability to enable or disable their Internet access (for the entire school or individuals) very quickly from one central location.

On-line system for requesting services and Account Management

The K-12 Data Center team has made every effort to make working with them as easy as possible for their clients. We provide a centralized web-based Members Site to facilitate technical support, information sharing, and data collection activities.

The Members Site allows school technical contacts full control of the school's account information as well as giving individual users access to their own information.

Misc. services

We provide direct technical support to K-12 districts by conducting an on site review of network setup and topology, configuration and hardening of servers, security features consistent with DOE and BIT standards. We assist with setup of servers and workstations, and other common technical support activities relating to K-12 technology needs.

DOE has many various services that it makes sense for the K-12 Data Center to provide, assist with, help support, or simply offer suggestions to ensure success of the Department of Education technology initiatives.