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K-12 Schools Web Services

List of all school websites.

Information on hosting school websites

If your school is interested in having your Web page hosted at the K-12 Data Center, have your Technical Coordinator follow the instructions below and send an email to with the following information.

  1. Does your school already have a website?

  2. If you already have a website, where is it at? Is the website hosted locally or at an existing Internet Service provider? If hosted at an existing Internet Service provider, what is the address?

  3. Do you already have a user account on the State K-12 Email system?

    Yes but I don't know it: You will need to check with your school Technical Coordinator for your userid and password

    Yes: You are ready to go and you can continue.

    No: Please visit with the school Technical Coordinator to request a State K-12 account. If you do not know who the school Technical Coordinator is, please send an email to to request that information.

  4. The names of the people (and their K-12 Email user id's) that will be responsible for maintaining your web page. Remember, administration staff and faculty are the only accounts that will be created with access to your Web page.

  5. The address (url) you would like for your school. To help you decide on a domain name take a look at this FAQ:

    Some examples are:

If there are any further questions you can send an email message to